Thursday, February 21, 2013

I'm moving

After today, you'll find me at

The new Jack is back.......

Later Mugs , GJ

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Still testing of course, but things continue to annoy the crap out of me. So while I compile a list of things to natter about, please bear with me. The wheels of creative writing have rusted a little and I am gently easing them back into use with the help of some little practice runs on twitter and the like. Oh yes, the world has moved on since GrocerJack was retired. 

And oh yes, the grocer has embraced the world of twitter!

And he has plenty to say about that as well.

Later Mugs, GJ

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dare I?

Well dare I? Dare I step back into blogging? Dare I step into an overloaded world but this time more wizened, more cynical, more world weary and now in my .......ahem.......50s. Now fully ensconced in a social media interconnected world of Google+ , Facebook and Twitter have I anything to say that's relevant?

Well, yes I think so even if its just to restore my sanity and to exercise the grey matter now that my OU degree days are done and also because I have more than just football to talk about which is where any writing (and now podcasting) has been concentrated. Perhaps there's scope for a podcast here? Who knows?

One thing is certain and that is things are changing and I belong to the middle aged generation fighting to remain relevant in a youth and celebrity obsessed world where my voice is struggling to be heard. Perhaps this could be a place for me to before contemplative as well as a place to rant, moan and laugh?

I've removed any adverts, removed all age and language constraints and made it easier for comments from real people not idiots linking to advert sites or other bollocks.

So lets see how my appetite fairs, as well as yours. Watch this space.

Later Mugs, GJ

Friday, November 18, 2011

Goodbye Freedom

Well it's sort of goodbye freedom. In the loose sense that we have any real freedom these days. I refer of course to yet another piece of arse-gravy nanny state-ism emanating from the increasingly dictatorial and lunatic BMA. They want to ban smoking in cars. yes, that's you, the person who likes a quick puff on your way to work. The person who doesn't want to stand outside work for a fag but will sit in their own car, their private property for a smoke. 

It's all to protect the children apparently. Yes, that's right, the children who's parents have stopped letting them walk 500 yards to school, the parents who fill their lunchboxes with Mars bars and Cheesestrings, the parents who give them money for 'chips with everything' school dinners. The parents who use Nintendo Wii/PS3/X-Box360's as babyminders. The parents who drink a couple of bottles of red in the evening as an example of how to drink responsibly.

It's intrusive. It's the nanny state working overtime. It's health fascism. It's plain wrong. Lock the BMA twats up in a room and let as many smokers as possible breathe into that room. We really need to stop listening to fucking unelected know it all preaching intellectuals telling us what to do, and influencing an already too powerful government into legislating for laws no-one needs or asked for. 

Later Mugs, GJ

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Destroy FIFA!!!!

This is a place for me to avoid sport in general. If I have something to moan about regarding my sporting obsessions there's plenty of other sites for me to go.

But this.......

has made the GJ blood boil. 

I respect the right for anyone NOT to wear the poppy, that's the beauty of freedom of choice but no-one has the right to prevent others wearing it. The Poppy is not a religious or political symbol, anymore than the breast cancer ribbon. It's a symbol of remembrance simple as that. 

FIFA is a corrupt, vile, obnoxious organisation headed ny a corrupt despot. And yet our FA and countless governments endorse it by appeasing it. They should hang their heads. 

Wear the shirts, to hell with FIFA, donate the fine to the poppy fund. Damn them all and show them for the amoral organisation they are.

And then leave it. Quit. Walk away. Watch the others follow, Germany, Spain, Italy and most of the major European footballing nations would  do the same. And then Brazil, Argentina, USA and others. FIFA would crumble and a new organisation could follow, one based on democratic and meritocratic principles.

Plus ca change, vive le revolution!!

Later you mugs, GJ

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

I had a dream that I was at Eton and  had asked my mate, Little Georgie Osbourne (as we knew him at Eton) if he fancied making me pay more tax, work more hours, take home less pay, pay more duty on alcohol and cigars, pay extra VAT, donate more to bankers bonuses, up the price of gas and electricity, throw some of my mates on the dole, decimate the police, dismantle the NHS, reduce the armed forces capability, whack up student fees, stick his nose into the Euro despite us not being in it, cut the BBC, stop the schools rebuilding programme, engineer a continuing housing slump and increase the retirement age to stop me drawing a pension I've been paying into for 33 years. I asked if he could do all that in 18 months.

He just laughed and said ' party could do all that'.................oh hang on.....

Later you Mugs, GJ

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Pain and more pain

See that picture? It's by James Gillray depicting gout (the Gout) as he calls it. It's from 1799, back in the days when Ibuprofen and Voltarol would have sounded like Russian city names. It feels just as it looks, a devil driving its teeth direct into the bone. And completely latched on to you. It hurts more than when I dislocated and fractured my hip in a motorbike accident in 1992. I've never given birth but I reckon this comes close to that pain. 

Its ruined my new cycling exercise regime. I can't sleep. Yeah it's pushing 8 on the Grumpometer. And the worst thing today? Just making it to the toilet only to find there's barely any loo roll left. There's a roll upstairs. But I just manage on 4 sheets used sparingly. Indignity and pain? It's a double bonus day! 

The GoutDevil is snoozng now, driven down by my inactivity and the Voltarol. When it's finally gone i will then set about finding it's nest and wiping it out completely*

Later Mugs, GJ

*Apparently finding the trigger will be pure luck. Well the more I hunt, the luckier I get.